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  • Caring for and cleaning umbrellasCaring for and cleaning umbrellas

Caring for and cleaning umbrellas properly

8 tips for proper umbrella care

Umbrellas don’t require a lot of care. Just heed our tips and you will enjoy your umbrella for a long time! We also explain how to clean an umbrella properly if necessary.


Tip 1: Only close when dry (!)


Perhaps the most important aspect of looking after your umbrella is making sure it dries. A wet umbrella should not be closed immediately after use – otherwise it can lead to rust on the frame and mould on the fabric!

For this reason, we recommend you allow the wet umbrella to dry sufficiently before closing it.

  • To do this, it is best to place the umbrella stretched out on the floor to allow all the water to drip off.
  • If you are worried about the fabric wearing out, you can also let your umbrella dry half open. When drying it this way, however, you must make sure that the moisture has evaporated completely before closing the umbrella. It is also important to ensure the umbrella frame is completely dry.

Tip 2: Closing the umbrella


If you want to treat your umbrella with care, there is something to bear in mind when closing it.

  • When rolling the umbrella, make sure that the fabric is folded as smoothly as possible.
  • If the umbrella has a cover, we recommend you use it as it protects the fabric from dirt and possible damage.

Tip 3: Remove dirt immediately


Proper care of umbrellas also includes regular removal of dust and dirt. If you neglect this aspect of umbrella care, stains can appear that, in the worst case, can no longer be removed. Dirty umbrellas are also more susceptible to mould.

  • The problem can be prevented by thoroughly wiping both the fabric and the pole of the umbrella with a damp cloth.
  • As always, ensure that the umbrella is completely dry before folding it up again.

Tip 4: Major stains and mould


  • If you have problems with more stubborn stains or mould, try the following:

  • If the umbrella is badly stained, you can also clean it in the bathtub or in a larger basin. To do this, add a little detergent to the warm water. Open the umbrella as far as it will go and carefully move it back and forth in the water. Leave the umbrella in the water for a short time (about 5 minutes). Then take a cloth and clean the umbrella with the warm water. Once you are done, keep the umbrella open as usual until it is fully dry.
  • If you are trying to remove mould, we recommend treating the umbrella with high-proof alcohol (preferably from a pharmacy). Alcohol ensures the mould can no longer live. We recommend using a small amount of alcohol and wiping it several times over the mould-infested areas. Since the liquid alcohol evaporates very quickly, the umbrella can be closed again shortly after cleaning.


Tip 5: Hairspray instead of oil


You can oil the moving parts of your umbrella, but be very careful! Although this approach is often well-intentioned, you risk creating undesirable oil stains on the fabric. These are then hard to remove, if they can be removed at all. As a simple alternative, we recommend that you spray the umbrella with a small amount of hairspray in the appropriate places. This contains lubricant, meaning you do not risk the formation of oil stains.

Tip 6: Impregnation spray


Just like clothing or backpacks, umbrellas can be impregnated with a spray to improve or restore water repellency. If the water rolls off the fabric better, less dirt will remain and the umbrella will dry faster.


Tip 7: Proper usage


Regardless of whether you have a walking umbrella or a pocket umbrella, you should avoid twisting open umbrellas back and forth. The umbrella can eventually be damaged by the centrifugal force acting on the upper end of the umbrella. If the wind is too strong, you should also take care that the umbrella and its ribs do not bend over.


Tip 8: Opt for premium quality


When making your purchase decision, you should pay attention to the quality of the umbrella, otherwise even the best care tips won’t help! High-quality umbrellas break much less often in strong winds and are also much less susceptible to wear, dirt and rust.

Find out what to look for when purchasing an umbrella here.

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You can properly care for your umbrella with just a little effort. In the case of major stains, there is still hope by applying the cleaning methods presented here. Contact us if you have any questions about umbrella care or other topics. We will be happy to help you by phone, chat or email!

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