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Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct summarises various behaviour and working standards that Schirmmacher requires from its contractual partners during cooperation. This serves to maintain both social and environmental standards. In our list of criteria, we describe what each business partner must adhere to when working with us.

List of criteria

  • Compliance with legal working hours and working standards. Even when under the greatest deadline pressure, we attach great importance to the health of all employees.


  • Fair remuneration: Our business partners pay the legally prescribed minimum wage or the wage typical for the industry, if this is higher. Legally prescribed social benefits are taken into account.


  • Establishment of a company pension scheme for sickness and old age.


  • Compliance with all legal requirements for environmental protection.


  • Compliance with all legally prescribed safety regulations.


  • Compliance with all laws and work regulations.


  • No discrimination based on gender, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, age or ethnic and social origin.


  • No psychological, physical or verbal harassment or abuse. Every employee is treated with dignity and respect.


  • No form of child or forced labour.


  • Guarantee of freedom of assembly and negotiation.


"As a community-based family business, it is very important to us that all our products are manufactured in compliance with high social and environmental standards. To ensure this, we also require our long-standing suppliers to comply with strict criteria - any breach shall result in the termination of the business relationship!”

Christian Ströhle (Owner and Manager)


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: info@schirmmacher.co.uk