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Parasols - Print examples and customer photos

On this page you will find print examples and photos of our customers, which you are welcome to use as inspiration!

It was a pleasure to be able to personally offer our services to the Count… :-)  

We were also delighted to be able to equip Makiman with our comfortable and large pub umbrellas!  

If anyone needs to know that shade saves lives, it is our hardworking rescue workers. Thank you for your collaboration!

Even where the sun doesn't shine? Sure, it makes a great advertising space at trade fairs! With thanks to our customer for this powerful promo image!

With these large parasols, our customer and his catering business are well equipped for the coming season! Thanks for the photo!

Many thanks to this whole team for presenting our large umbrella so beautifully! :-) 

Thanks to our local news client for this beautiful picture of our blue parasols at the market!

Thanks to the hockey club - our umbrellas boost our own team morale whilst intimidating the opponent! ;-) 

We were able to make our client from the education sector very happy with these bright green parasols to match the branding! Thank you for the photo :-)

That's what we call consistent branding in the colour blue! Thanks to the tour operator with its XXL slide!

It doesn't always have to be an XXL slide. Thanks for the picture of our parasols on the harbour promenade!

The cool flame pattern as a photo print looks great!

At the open air fair, our blue parasols from the machine builder really come into their own! Thank you!

A flying parasol? No, here you can see one of our handy traffic light parasols in use! With thanks to our customer from the hearing acoustics sector!

Whether orange, yellow, green, pale lilac or simply pink… we there is something for all of our customers!

Thank you for the beautiful photo!

And of course, our parasols are very popular at festivals…

… even when the weather isn't playing along, of course ;-)

The festival pub "Ansprechbar" looks even more attractive with our parasols for all metalheads! Thanks for the great picture! :-)

Many thanks to the winery for the cool ariel view! Now the tasting under the parasols will be twice as fun!

Further print examples


Small umbrella Classic Small Round.
Ø 1,80 m - all-over printing.

Small umbrella Classic Small Square.
1,25 x 1,25 m - all-over printing.

Small umbrella Classic Small Round.
Ø 2,0 m - Logo printing.

Large umbrella Basic Comfort Square
4,0 x 4,0 m - Logo printing.

Large umbrella Classic Standard Round
Ø 3,5 m - Logo printing.

Large umbrella Classic Standard Square
4,0 x 4,0 m - all-over printing.

We hope you enjoyed our selection! We would love it if at the end of the project you were able to leave us a photo as a small memento of your collaboration with us!

Your Schirmmacher team


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: info@schirmmacher.co.uk