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Large parasols

Large parasols for gastronomy & markets with a sturdy aluminium frame. All models come from Europe, can be printed on and are available with or without valance.

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When choosing large parasols or market parasols, you should pay attention to some important differentiating criteria. The following paragraph provides an overview of the most important features.


For the most part, square or round parasols are used. The square shape often proves to be a little more practical, especially when several parasols are placed right next to each other. As such, square parasols make it easier to shade large areas or protect them from rain. Round parasols are made of 8 panels, while square parasols usually have 4. 

Opening system

The appropriate opening system is chosen based on the intended use and size of the parasol. For smaller models up to 3m in diameter, you can get by with a simple easyshift system where the parasol is pushed up by the handle. Other systems offer more comfort with opening systems that don’t require as much strength. The pull cord opening is a favourable variant. Even more convenient is the telescopic handle or the crank opening, which enable large market parasols to be easily opened with one hand. You can find an overview of the opening systems along with some videos here.

Table clearance

Especially in the catering industry, care should be taken to ensure sufficient table clearance. Chairs and tables that are directly adjacent to the parasol should not be an obstacle when opening and closing the large parasol. For this purpose, using parasols with a telescopic function is particularly useful. The mast of such parasols comes in two parts, allowing the upper part to move when closing, ensuring the ribs remain at a sufficient height. All parasols with a push-up handle and crank opening system have a telescopic function.


All parasols can be printed very flexibly. Even in the case of one-off production, the parasol can be printed using any background colours or image designs. Generally speaking, most parasols are printed over the entire surface. Different printing techniques are used to implement the design, depending on the number of parasols and intended use. For example, if the parasol is used for a large number of hours in the sun (e.g. in the catering industry), care should be taken to ensure that the colours are highly lightfast, as this varies depending on the printing technique used.


When choosing a model, you need to consider whether the parasol will always be positioned in the same place or whether it’ll be frequently transported. Mobile parasols or event parasols are equipped with a two-piece pole, which makes their packaging size much smaller. Mobile parasol stands are usually equipped with slab bases or filling stands. Pop up gazebos are also very suitable as a mobile alternative.


Large parasols differ in appearance due to the shape, construction of the frame and colour. An important distinguishing feature is whether the parasol is equipped with or without valance: parasols without it look more modern, whereas they look more classic with valance.


The most important accessory is a suitable stand. There are also different variants of this depending on the parasol and intended use. In some cases, market parasols can be equipped with further accessories such as lighting, radiant heaters and clamps.

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