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    Print data

    Which print data lead to the optimal results?

Print data

To print your data on one of our products, we need you to prepare them as follows:

  • Colour specifications: The colour specifications should be defined in Pantone C. If no Pantone C definitions are available, other colour definitions or objects can be taken for reference.
  • Print data for screen printing: We always need vector graphics for screen printing. These can be scaled as desired without loss of quality.
  • Print data for digital printing: Alternatively, high-resolution raster graphics (from 100 dpi) in the original size can be processed for digital printing.

File formats for vector graphics:

File extension Name
.ai Adobe Illustrator
.pdf Portable Document Format
.eps Encapsulated PostScript
.swf Shockwave Flash

File formats for raster graphics:

File extension Name
.bmp Windows Bitmap
.gif Graphics Interchange Format
.jpg JPEG File Interchange Format
.png Portable Network Graphics
.tif Tagged Image Format


Preparing the print data is not really important for the first draft. We are happy to create a preliminary design and an initial offer with the data you provide us. If your design does not meet the specified requirements at the planned time of printing, we’ll be happy to support you in creating a vector graphic for a reasonable price!


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