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Special umbrellas

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Then take a look at our wide range of special umbrellas!

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If you're looking for special umbrellas, you are at the right place. All models presented here differ from the standard umbrellas. This overview shows the categories into which original umbrellas can be divided.

Square umbrellas

The roof is not round, but square. This makes the umbrella look particularly modern and a bit unusual.

Transparent umbrellas

Transparent umbrellas are among the favourites among the special umbrellas. These can also be printed as advertising umbrellas.

Eco umbrellas

Great emphasis was placed on sustainability in the design of these models. Materials largely consist of recycled material and fast-growing wood.

Inverted umbrellas

An umbrella that closes inwards is particularly practical and undoubtedly an eye-catcher. This type of umbrella is one of the major umbrella innovations of recent years.

Umbrellas with light

Umbrellas that have an LED lamp built into the handle and are equipped with reflectors offer additional security.

Fully reflective umbrellas

Umbrellas in which the entire cover is reflective are extremely visible. The metallic look also makes the cover look particularly chic.

Colorful umbrellas

A classic among the original umbrellas is the umbrella in rainbow colours. The design looks cheerful and fresh.

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