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Umbrella opening mechanisms

Comparing all opening mechanisms

There are three widely used opening systems when it comes to umbrellas. We will briefly introduce them to you and show you their respective advantages and disadvantages.

1. Manual opening

When opening manually, the umbrella's slider must be pushed up by hand until it engages and the umbrella has stretched open fully.


  • Most inexpensive variant

  • Lighter than automatic systems


  • Requires both hands for stretching and closing the umbrella

2. Automatic

When opening automatically, the umbrella can be stretched open at the touch of a button. To close it, it must be pushed together with slight force. This allows the spring to tighten, ready again for reopening. This opening system is usually recognised by a button with an arrow pointing upwards.


  • Stretches quickly

  • Really easy to use


  • Requires both hands for stretching and closing the umbrella

3. Automatic open and close (fully automatic)

The automatic open and close function enables the umbrella to not only be opened automatically at the touch of a button, but also closed again automatically. Usually recognised by a button with a double arrow.


  • Very modern and practical

  • With just one hand, the umbrella can be stretched and relaxed again.



  • Slightly more expensive and somewhat heavier than other types of umbrellas.

  • To tighten the spring again for reopening, it requires a little more force to close than with the simple automatic umbrella.  

4. Reverse opening system

Umbrellas with a reverse opening system are becoming increasingly popular and attract a lot of attention. They usually open manually, but the main difference is that umbrella opens upside down.


  • When closed, the dry side faces outwards.

  • Can simply be placed down to dry and drip-dry the wet inside when closed.

  • Can be opened in confined situations, such as when getting out of the car.


  • Like any manual opening system, this umbrella requires two hands to open and close.


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