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Full-length umbrellas

Our sturdy full-length umbrellas offer super rain protection and can have a logo and photo printed on them.

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Regular umbrellas are very popular models. They cannot be folded. The following section provides a comprehensive overview.

Opening system

Umbrellas are opened either manually or automatically. Today, the proportion of umbrellas with automatic system is significantly greater, as it makes the use of umbrellas easier and more practical. The automatic system does not have any disadvantages, except for a slightly higher weight.


Depending on what the umbrella will be used for, you should also consider the weight. Light regular umbrellas are especially popular with women. Ver light, long umbrellas have  wires and a pole made of fiberglass.


The size of the umbrella is probably the main selection criterion. The standard umbrella has a roof diameter of 105 cm (M). A medium-sized umbrellas (L) are approx. 120 cm in diameter. From 130 cm (XL) there is talk of a guest- or hotel umbrella. Large umbrellas work well in situations where two people need to find shelter from the rain.


Regular umbrellas are generally slightly more durable than pocket umbrellas. Depending on the finish, there are other differences between them. Much depends on the design of the frame and the choice of material. For example, umbrellas with a wooden pole are slightly less durable. Umbrellas with steel or aluminum poles and special fiberglass wires are especially strong.


The umbrellas also differ in appearance. The choice of material has a particular influence on the design. If a company wants to show its attachment to nature and care for the environment, it can choose an umbrella with a wooden shaft and/or a wooden handle. An aluminum frame is suitable for companies from technological industries. The shape of the roof and the structure of the handle also influence the appearance of the umbrella. If the advertised company deals with the brokerage or sale of cars, an umbrella with a handle stylized as a gear shift knob will be perfect. Rounded handles are considered more classic, and straight handles bring to mind a sporty and modern design.


Regular umbrellas are a bestseller when it comes to practical promotional items. They can be printed with a logo or a photo, both from the outside and the inside. Depending on the client's requirements, the advertisement may be discreet or expressive. A beautiful and discreet type of advertising is an engraving or a 3D dome sticker on the handle.


The pocket umbrellas and the reversed umbrella are good alternatives to the regular umbrellas.

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