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Experts on branded umbrellas!


Exclusive 3D designer

Thanks to our unique 3D designer, you can easily create a virtual image of your future promotional umbrella with your logo or photo!


Personal advice

Branded umbrellas are our specialty! We're happy to give tailored advice to all our customers.


Individual design

We have a huge range of umbrellas and lots of design options. Special production orders are also possible!



Our bestsellers!

Walking umbrella Wood Auto Light
Wood Auto Light
Classic with wooden handle
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Automatic folding pocket umbrella
Pocket Auto
Automatic folding umbrella
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Stable large umbrella Classic Auto
Classic Auto L
Large and super stable
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Bamboo Eco Umbrella Eco Auto
Eco Auto (Fare)
Bamboo Eco Umbrella
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Fully automatic umbrella Mini Pocket Full-Auto
Mini Pocket Full-Auto (Fare)
Light and fully automatic
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Affordable umbrella Classic Auto
Classic Auto
Affordable umbrella
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Low priced promotional umbrellas

Low-priced umbrellas

We offer a variety of affordable umbrellas, which you can customise with your logo or photo.

Our affordable umbrellas
All-over print umbrellas

All-over print umbrellas

With our fully printable umbrellas, the whole surface will carry your brand's message. And at the best price!

Our fully printed umbrellas
Promotional eco umbrellas

Eco umbrellas

Our eco umbrellas that can be printed with your logo on them are made from sustainable materials such as fabric made from recycled plastic bottles or wooden handles.

Our eco umbrellas
Premium branded umbrellas printable

Premium umbrellas

Show your utmost appreciation to your customers by choosing one of our extra high quality umbrellas as a promotional item!

Our Premium umbrellas
 XXL Large promotional umbrellas

XXL umbrellas

XXL umbrellas or golf and porter umbrellas provide ideal rain protection and can be used by two people.

Our XXL umbrellas
Fare umbrella printable

Fare umbrellas

If there's a famous brand among promotional umbrellas, it's FARE. We offer these premium branded umbrellas at the best price. Check out the large selection!

Our Fare umbrellas
Reflective custom umbrella

Reflective umbrellas

This promotional gift not only looks great; it also provides your customers with a high level of safety on the streets!

Our reflective umbrellas
EU printed umbrellas

EU umbrellas

Umbrellas made in the EU not only ensure high quality standards; they also have short delivery routes that benefit both you and the environment!

Our EU umbrellas
Special promotional umbrellas

Special umbrellas

If you want to advertise successfully, you have to stand out from the crowd. Our special and innovative umbrellas are designed for this purpose!

Our special umbrellas
Light umbrella printable

Light & small umbrellas

Lightweight & small umbrellas are especially convenient to store. In addition, their size makes them extremely suitable for children and women.

Our light umbrellas

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Tips from the umbrella experts!


"Feel free to call me or the other experts
if you have any questions or would prefer
some personal contact! We're also available
via chat or email."

Sabine Peter



Multiple design alternatives - From the smallest detail to a full digital print

Our umbrellas are fully customizable - from the handle to the tip. Many well-known companies have trusted us to place their promotional message in the best possible light.

Print your logo
Decide between a simple logo print on one or more segments of the canopy, which can also be applied in several colours and across segments.

All-over print
When it comes to make a full printed umbrella, we use digital print, which allows you to use any colour and all colour gradients. We can even print the inside part with this method.

Add small details
On the attention to little details, you can delight your customers even more with your gift. Along with us, you can attach a 3D sticker (doming) on the handle or, opt for doing an engraving. Closing straps, press buttons; and, the umbrella's canopies can also be customized!

Customise umbrellas with your logo - we are the experts!

Schirmmacher was founded more than 50 years ago as an umbrella manufacturer, and later specializing in printed umbrellas, parasols and gazebos. Our guiding product philosophy is to offer our customers the highest quality products at the lowest price possible. Schirmmacher is one of the market leaders, especially when it comes to offering a wide range of products. A comprehensive range of models, variants and colours offer you a particularly wide variety of advertising options, allowing you to really address your target audience.


Umbrellas as promotional items
Among all the many promotional products, umbrellas are among the top favourites of all customers. On the one hand, this is because an umbrella can be used as a promotional gift to address a particularly broad target group. On the other hand, almost everyone has a need for umbrellas, which is why this promotional item is very popular. Not to mention the great effect that additional outdoor advertising has when your customers walk around with their umbrella.

Best price
When it comes to pricing, you can rest assured you're in safe hands with us. Thanks to our specialization, our dispensing with field service and trade fair appearances, a unique dealer network, short transport routes and a modern backend system, we're able to offer our products at the best price possible. Have you ever seen one of our products cheaper on another site? Then just contact us and we'll see what we can do!

Our huge range of products
Whether it's a sustainable promotional umbrella or a fancy model, we have everything you need. We offer you a huge range of printable walking and pocket umbrellas. You can find any kind of umbrella from children's umbrellas to porter's and golf umbrellas. All models differ in their opening system, size, origin, design options and the materials used for handle, stick and fabric. We will be happy to advise you at any time if you need help in choosing a product!

Advice from the experts
Due to our specialization, Schirmmacher promises excellent customer service, providing you with highly competent support  for your advertising project from start to finish! Simply send our experts a message and they'll provide you with a non-binding offer, including a free initial draft. On our website you'll also find a lot of helpful information about our products including recommendations and tips for designing promotional umbrellas.

Print on super flexible umbrellas
Our umbrellas can be printed using various printing techniques, which means that our customers have almost limitless options for designing umbrellas! You can print umbrellas using screen or digital print for little money. It's also possible to do all-over digital printing in all variants and gradients, it is also possible. Just contact us if you have any questions about our printing techniques!

Design a promotional gift down to the smallest detail!
Our offer of all-over prints is not the only thing that is attractive to customers. You can also create a unique advertising umbrella with an exceptionally detailed design. Whether it's a laser engraving, a 3D sticker on the handle or a printed closing strap and, a designed opening button, almost everything is possible with us! Do you have a small detail in mind or do you have any special requests? Please get in touch and we'll check the possibility of a custom-made product for you.


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